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Career Advice for women

Any advice to women about succeeding in the workplace?

From my experiences, I can say that success in business comes from a strong expertise, a sustainable and valuable network, and healthy marketing and business development habits/visibility. It will be easier for anyone who works on all of those areas and continuously improves them. For young women, I have the following advice.

In your career, there are two ways how you can make an impact on your professional development.

  1. You are REACTIVE: You wait and think your successes speak for themselves and your boss is responsible for your career.
  2. You are PROACTIVE: You take your personal and professional development into your hands and become visible.

Which way is the most successful one? I think, we all know the answer, but are afraid to act proactive.

But a successful career and job satisfaction doesn’t happen by itself. You can accelerate your professional development by being proactive and taking initiative.

And there are three simple steps how you can proactively drive your development forward.

  1. Be aware of your strengths: Even if you start your professional career and are inexperienced, you are not just a “worker / busy bee,” instead you can make a valuable contribution.
  2. Take responsibility: Take responsibility early on for small projects, whether internal initiatives or client projects.
  3. Become visible: It is essential that you become visible (internally and externally). Do you like writing, giving presentations or contributing to a podcast? Whatever it is, you need to become, be and remain visible.

In this interview with Stefanie Marrone, you can hear some sage advice for lawyers and marketing & business development professionals and everybody working in the legal industry.

Read more about which traits women should learn early on in their career and the important role of social media on: socialmediabutterflyblog

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